Develop your audience with


insert your target values into the corresponding fields when filling in a campaign form – and you will only get the traffic that matches your goals.


Our huge network allows us to have a specific and complete delivery of each campaign.

  • Pay For Clicks

    You pay for the clicks that are followed by visits to your website.CPC starts from 0.0005

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    Pay For Clicks
  • Geo-Targeting

    Targeting regions and cities is possible for all type of campaigns.

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  • Detailed Statistics

    Our dashboards provide detailed statistics on your spendings filtered by all the possible parameters.

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    Detailed Statistics
  • Easy, affordable

    Fully customize your campaign obtaining higher revenue and more engaged prospects (ToS, PV, Video starts).

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    Easy, affordable
  • Browser Targeting

    You can choose target browsers as you need such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Android, Iphone .

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    Browser Targeting
  • Traffic estimation

    You can see how many visitors you get with current settings at the begining of campaign.

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    Traffic estimation

We Work Only High Quality Publishers


Trafficadventure monetizes all inventory made

available for each medium, establishing trust with

each one and offering the best service and best payment

terms in the market.

Please contact us for more details to be a publisher.


  • How to start?

    Click a join us button, fill in the required fields and wait for to be approved your account. Now you can create your first campaign. It takes less than 10 minute after setting up the campaign before you get visitors to your website.

  • Where visitors come from?

    We place your ad on advertising platforms that answers to your key performance indicators. In case you place a competitive bid your website audience starts to grow with the help of PPC.

  • What is pay per click?

    That is an advertising model which works the following way: your ad appears on a large number of our ad platforms. You don’t pay for the number of times your ad is shown – instead you pay for the clicks that are followed by visits to your website.

  • May I get the same visitor twice?

    It’s up to you. The default setting for Clicks/IP parameter is one. But you may change it if you don’t mind the same user visiting your website more than once.

  • How To Pay?

    We accept credit card, Paypal and Webmoney

  • What will my ad look like?

    You advertisement will consist of an ad title, a short ad text and a click URL leading to your landing page.



We’re always looking for new projects to work on, if you have some please write us!
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